Pupils working in an ICT suite at Birkenhead Sixth Form

Birkenhead Sixth Form College, based in the Wirral, has invested £3.5 million into their facilities over recent years. Placed in the top 10% of the UK’s sixth form colleges for A Level provision among 16- to 19-year-olds, the drive to provide the best is of paramount importance.  

Investing in excellence

Investment within the college has focused on developing an excellent learning facility for all students, with a strong focus on the use of technology and mobile learning. This forward-thinking approach won Birkenhead Sixth Form College national acclaim from the Learning Skills Network and saw the college shortlisted for the ‘TES Award for Sixth Form College of the Year 2017’. The college waalso recently rated OFSTED outstanding. 

Equipping students with refurbished IT equipment 

Leading the technology investment, John Paul Szkudlapski, Head of IT services at the college, said:

“There is a huge drive at Birkenhead to equip our students with the very best as we start to prepare them for the future. Access to first-class technology is crucial at this turning point in our students’ careers but meeting those requirements while adhering to ever decreasing budgets can be a challenge.” 

Birkenhead College needed over 80 desktops for their IT provision and had a tight budget to work to. The Renewed team worked closely with John Paul to understand the equipment requirements and identify refurbished IT equipment to meet their needs and budget. As well as offering a significant cost saving of up to 50% versus new machines, buying refurbished IT plays an important role in other ways. Many organisations upgrade their IT provision every 36-months, which generates tonnes of e-waste and landfill around the world. By choosing to buy refurbished machines, the lifespan of a desktop, tablet or laptop can be extended making it fit for purpose for up to 10 years.  

“That’s why we turned to Renewed for our latest hardware purchases. By buying over 80 refurbished Dell Optiplex desktops we were able to make a saving of over £16,000. What’s more, the machines are covered by a 12-month warranty and Renewed’s Q20 Promise which completely negates the risk of buying refurbished and makes it a no brainer.” 

The desktops, which were installed over the course of 2016, are being utilised by students throughout the college, helping to further enhance the education on offer at Birkenhead.

Why choose refurbished IT equipment?

Our mission at Renewed is to educate and help schools, colleges, universitieshealthcare providers, businesses – everyone! – to understand the financial and environmental benefits of buying refurbished IT. 

Our Q20 quality assurance promise

We are passionate about the benefits of refurbished IT equipment, however, we know there can be some reluctance based on a bad experience or urban myths. Our Q20 promise is in place to help you understand the extensive and stringent checks we put all our refurbished equipment through so that you can be confident in choosing refurbished. 

From the cosmetic and physical checks to diagnostic software tests, and BIOS checks, each of our machines is put through these important checks and tests prior to being sold. With the Q20 checks complete, a 12-month warranty and our ongoing customer service are included with all machines to provide you with peace of mind. 

Get in touch today to find out about refurbished IT

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