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Following an office-wide IT upgrade providing laptops to employees to facilitate agile working requirements, the Global Aerospace IT department was left with over 90 PCs the business no longer needed.

Choosing sustainable IT asset disposal

‘We’ve worked with other companies in the past to dispose of our obsolete IT equipment. In recent years we have become more and more aware of the need to ensure our kit is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Working with Renewed was the perfect choice for this.’

Our straightforward ITAD process makes it easy for large and small organisations alike to arrange for the responsible and sustainable removal of IT equipment. There really is no excuse for companies allowing old kit to be taken away and sent to landfill.

Arranging your ITAD service with Renewed

‘It was such an easy process with Renewed. After the initial conversation, I provided the specification details of the equipment I needed securely removed. Within a matter of hours, the collection was arranged for the following week and the PCs safely collected by the Renewed team.’

Many companies are concerned about the data on the hard drives when disposing of obsolete IT equipment. Using secure and compliant data wiping technology, Renewed provide a permanent, certified data wiping service to provide organisations with complete peace of mind. When you work with Renewed, the obsolete IT equipment is collected – for free – by our own team in our own vehicles. Once back at our technical workshop, our technicians will wipe the hard drives, and your organisation will be provided with a Data Destruction Certificate. The machines are inspected with the view to refurbishing units that can be deployed and given a second life. We will also provide a certificate to confirm the amount of ewaste that has been reduced via our responsible recycling and management process.

Cost-neutral, sustainable and secure

Many companies will charge you to take away your obsolete machines, whereas our ITAD service is cost-neutral for our customers. Our aim is to reduce the amount of e-waste and landfill being produced by the IT industry. Then refurbish and redeploy as many machines as possible, recycle the precious metals, and provide a straightforward, professional, and reliable service to our customers.

‘We will definitely work with Renewed again for our asset disposition, it was such a seamless process. Very professional and reliable and they did exactly what they said they would do. I would recommend them to anyone – 10/10.’ We were thrilled to receive this glowing feedback from Global Aerospace’s IT team.

Talk to us about your IT asset disposal needs

If you have obsolete or unused IT equipment and you would like to make sure it’s sustainably, safely, and professionally removed and managed, get in touch with our team. With just one phone call, you can choose to improve your organisation’s environmental and CSR performance, by choosing a sustainable approach to IT asset disposal.

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