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Turning redundant IT assets into £18,000 for the NSPCC

We work with several charities to update their IT suites and are proud to have worked alongside the NSPCC since 2017. Following a word-of-mouth recommendation, we removed redundant IT assets and resold them to donate the profits back to the NSPCC. This asset management process has been a successful partnership enabling us to donate £18,000 back to the charity, including sponsorship of Shaun Gregory, one of the trustees, who raised a total of £54,000 running the London Marathon. Since working with the NSPCC across multiple locations including London and Aberdeen, we have removed and data wiped over 1400 desktops and 600 laptops free of charge.

How Our Process Works

Our comprehensive asset management process provides an efficient, expert service for charities as we take care of every detail, making it as simple as possible. If you are considering asset management for your organisation, below is an outline of our core process:

– Meet with organisation to understand the nature of the redundant IT

– Review and provide a potential resale value figure

– Remove and collect the IT safely and securely

– Repair and refurbish the units and prepare for resale

– Sell refurbished units and donate the profits directly back to the charity

Refurbishment of the IT equipment includes stringent data checks; we wipe asset logs, hard drives and rebuild them. This is essential to protect the sensitive data of all organisations and is a vital step before they can be sold. In the event that any of the desktops or laptops cannot be refurbished, we recycle the materials where possible.


How Is Our Approach Unique?

We offer a very beneficial service for charities. Our focus is to save money for our clients and earn the optimum donation value from redundant assets. Simply put, our asset management service allows us to generate money from redundant IT equipment that could easily have become an unnecessary expense for the charity.

We don’t charge charities for our work. We collect, remove, refurbish and sell stock for free; donating the profits once the stock is sold. This cyclical approach keeps as much money in the charity to be used for their essential work, as well as working towards the on-going goal of reducing e-waste and providing IT equipment for other sectors which is fit for purpose.

Bill Champness, Founder and Managing Director of Renewed states:

“We designed and implemented a process for charities that instead of costing them money, earns them money from hardware they can no longer use. By doing this, we offer our services to support them and their work. We are delighted at the success of the relationship we’ve built with the NSPCC and the value we have been able to donate. Looking ahead, we believe we can be the go-to IT refurbishment company for charities in the UK with this process. The whole team here are passionate about helping charities and through refurbishing their IT, also promoting eco-friendly technology use”.

Where does the refurbished hardware go?

To complete the cyclical process of our work with charities, it is usual for the refurbished IT to be resold to the education sector. Choosing to buy refurbished IT allows schools and colleges to provide their students with access to fast, modern computers that may otherwise have fallen out of their budget.

IT suites are typically refreshed every 2-3 years. Price is a big consideration for any client, however for education settings who have seen significant budget cuts in recent years, purchasing refurbished IT equipment can mean more units, and therefore more students with access, or a sizeable saving which can then be invested into another part of the curriculum. With many education settings utilising desktops and laptops for a variety of subjects, and student becoming increasingly computer literate, having the right equipment available for all students is becoming increasingly important.

To find out more about how we work with out education partners to provide refurbished computers, visit our case studies.

The environmental impact of IT equipment

The IT industry is, unfortunately, a big contributor to e-waste and landfill around the world. As charitiesschoolscollegesuniversitiesbusinesshealthcare and public sector clients aim to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace an environmentally-aware approach, refurbished IT equipment is becoming increasingly important.


How does refurbished IT equipment reduce the environmental impact of the industry?

– The mining of core minerals/natural resources is reduced

– Less landfill waste as computers and laptops are repaired, not thrown away

– The longevity of tech is improved, with a lifespan of up to 10 years

– Reduced carbon footprint for charities and businesses

By retrieving the IT equipment from the NSPCC and other clients, we prevent it going into landfill and becoming waste. Instead, by refurbishing the equipment its lifespan and period of usefulness is significantly increased. This means less core minerals such as cobalt are mined and less of the earth’s limited resources are used to build new desktops and laptops.Cobalt is a huge talking point in the industry in terms of its environmental impact; it is predicted that there is only a 40 year supply remaining on the planet. With every new computer, the resources and core minerals are stretched, therefore our focus is to refurbish IT equipment and reuse materials as opposed to sourcing new.

More About the NSPCC

NSPCC stands for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and 90% of the charity’s funding comes from public donations. Funds are used to protect children and prevent abuse, with the aim of keeping children safe and free from neglect.

Founded over 100 years ago in 1884, in 2018 the NSPCC helped over 1.9 million children in the UK. As well as helping children who have been abused, they work to prevent abuse and run Childline (founded 1986), a non-profit helpline for children in need. In addition to offering support for abused children, Childline also offers 24/7 advice to 18s and under on mental health, bullying, asylum, online safety and more.

Enquire about your asset management options

To ensure reliability, quality and performance, we developed our Q20 guarantee checklist. Our rigorous checklist quality assurance process surpasses many other hardware suppliers to give you complete confidence and peace of mind when buying refurbished IT hardware.

To discuss your IT and asset management needs with one of our experts and find out how your organisation can benefit from our approach, call +44 (0) 1428 707900 or email today.