Close up view of engineer inspecting a computer

All businesses can benefit from investing in refurbished and repaired computers and IT hardware, from desktop and laptops to tablets and accessories. At Renewed, we source and repair IT equipment across many industries, including the education sector and international business.

If you’re an IT manager looking to update your system and need a solution that guarantees quality at your allocated budget, you should choose refurbished machines. These are typically second-hand, up-to-date models that function perfectly once our team has made the appropriate repairs.

Here are the five ways businesses can benefit from refurbished computers:

Cost effective solutions

Refurbished machines are highly cost-effective as they can cost up to 40% less than brand new computers. By choosing machines that have been repaired to meet our Q20 Promise you can afford a new IT suite for your business or school, that is modern and fit for purpose.

With such savings on top of the range machines, including Apple and Dell, your budget goes a lot further. It’s also likely that upgrading to newer models will save on running costs as they should be more energy efficient.

Reduce business waste

When it’s time to upgrade your hardware to increase productivity, you can look at it as an opportunity to reduce business waste that will end up in a landfill. This, in turn, reduces costs spent on managing and handling waste and can even save some industries from penalties faced for failing to meet recycling quotas.

By buying refurbished computers you are part of a circular economy; you reduce potential waste and can trade-in your old computers to be recycled, either as complete computers or spare parts.

Improve public image

Being environmentally conscious is not only essential to the ongoing health of the plane, it’s also a positive boost your public image; potential customers are looking for companies making these changes and commitments, and it can be a real selling point. In essence, it presents you as a reliable, trustworthy and honest brand with an ethical standpoint that customers can get behind and support.  

Best performance for price

Refurbished machines typically offer outstanding best price/performance ratio, meaning you can have access to faster machines with more memory and functionality than you may have anticipated. In essence, this can allow you to future proof your set-up for a number of years as you can opt for computers of better quality than you could otherwise afford.

This can be an incredibly important consideration as new computers launching on the market continually ‘push the bar’ and the evolution of IT hardware available for your business. With some refurbished and repaired computers up to 40% off market value, it opens up the possibilities for optimum performance for your employees.

Quality guaranteed warranties

At Renewed, we rigorously check and test our refurbished machines before they are dispatched and provide a 12-month warranty as standard. This is part of our Q20 Promise, our bespoke twenty-point quality checklist. This means you can upgrade with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge you’ll receive high quality computers to meet your requirements.

For more information please get in touch with one of our IT professionals at Renewed on +44 (0) 1428 707900. You can also find out more about us here.