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Both public and private schools have strict budget, whilst being required to provide high-performance IT suites with fast and functional machines to aid learning.

We’ve worked with a large number of schools, including Bedwas High School in Wales, and we know it’s important for teachers and IT staff to be informed and make the right choices when it comes to computer technology for their students. This is especially true as coding and computer science become more integral to the syllabus across the UK.

With that in mind, here’s our advice on how you can use your budget wisely to choose the right ICT equipment for your school and save money on high performance IT suites that will work to your budget. In this way, you can also benefit from a new suite, rather than piecemeal replacements:

Repair existing computers

If you’ve noticed your computers becoming slow, crashing or generally suffering from low performance that prevents students from learning to their full potential, it’s possible repair work may help. An IT repair professional can assess the machines to discover any faults or issues, and provide fixes if possible. This approach is best if your existing machines still meet all of the criteria for your school and were purchased relatively recently. Repairs are normally more cost effective than replacing machines and it’s a budget-friendly option if you need to take action during term-time before a full budget is released.

Replace outdated technology

Improvements towards energy efficiency happen quickly with technology and outdated, older machines can actually cost you more to run as they are less energy efficient than their modern counterparts. According to the Carbon Trust, a UK government-funded, not-for-profit green technology company: “Intelligently replacing old school IT systems with new, more efficient hardware can save schools around £20,000 per year.” LED screens, for example, use less energy and manufacturers will have energy-use ratings available for your consideration. Choose refurbished computers for high-performance IT suites

Refurbished systems allow you to invest in higher specification units than when buying new, such as increased memory, screen quality and speed. As refurbished models can be available within three months of a model’s release date, you can afford a ‘good as new’ computer for much less. This gives your students access to the latest technology and if the computers have only had small fixes, such as replaced keys or touchpads, you could save hundreds per machine simply because they had a superficial issue that no longer exists.

Recycle your old IT suite equipment

We’re proud to offer an asset management service for schools where we review your current ICT suite and then buy the equipment; this money then comes off your purchase cost for a more modern, high-performance suite. It’s an incredibly useful service, especially when you consider you may be replacing machines every two years, with old machines having a value you can utilise.

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