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Refurbished IT: the quality of refurbished hardware

One of the most common reasons given for not buying refurbished IT is a concern over the quality of refurbished hardware. We understand; you’re either investing your organisation’s budget or your own money into the equipment – and it needs to be reliable and fit for purpose. That’s why each of our machines includes a 12-month warranty.

For 25 years, we have been sourcing and supplying refurbished hardware to customers across the U.K. We pride ourselves on the quality and performance of our machines, with every unit undergoing a stringent refurbishment process to guarantee its quality before being sold for its second life.

Our Q20 checklist promise

We go above and beyond to deliver products of the highest quality to ensure you get the best value and quality for your money, as well as help to contribute to a more sustainable IT industry.

The Q20 checklist guarantees you receive the highest quality refurbished products. The 20-step process includes a full range of checks, tests, cleans and updates, carried out by the expert team of engineers in our West Sussex technical workshop. By systematically following our failsafe checklist and ticking every box as we go, we make sure your Grade A hardware is 100% fit for purpose.

12-month warranty included

A 12-month warranty is included with each machine we sell, following the successful completion of the Q20 process. This warranty provides you with complete peace of mind, and importantly matches the warranty which you would receive when purchasing a new machine. So, any concerns you may have over buying refurbished hardware due to its quality, can be put to rest knowing your warranty is in place.

Should you require a 36-month warranty, this can be discussed and agreed during the sourcing of your equipment.

Get in touch to talk about your refurbished IT needs

To find out more about our sourcing and supply of refurbished IT hardware, and why making the switch makes sound financial and environmental sense, contact us today +44 (0) 1428 707900 or email enquiries@therenewedstore.com