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Preparing for university

As A-Levels and other end of year exams get underway, many people will be starting to think about preparation for university life. From deciding on courses and accommodation, to a never-ending list of equipment to buy, there’s a lot of thought that goes into getting ready for such a big step. According to the UCAS Freshers Report, the last year has had a big impact on the spending and shopping habits of students. With a clear desire to buy quality products from brands with integrity, we think refurbished IT from Renewed should be a serious consideration.

A cost-effective, sustainable solution for your computer

A computer is an essential piece of equipment for university life. Whether it’s taking notes in lectures, completing course work and revision, or designing and building a cutting-edge app, the right machine doesn’t have to cost the earth.

When looking for a computer, many people overlook or aren’t aware of the option of refurbished. It’s like a best kept secret, but we want you to benefit from the many advantages of switching to refurbished IT.

As well as a significant cost saving, with prices up to 40% less than new, it’s also much better for our planet. Every year, millions of laptops, desktops, and tablets are needlessly disposed of and end up in landfill around the world; driving the need to mine the earth’s precious and non-renewable resources.

At Renewed, we give redundant IT a new lease of life. Many people buy new, thinking they need the latest spec, when in reality, a 2- or 3-year-old machine, which has been expertly refurbished, is fit-for-purpose. Our technical experts follow our stringent Q20 checklist to refurbish every machine so that it performs like new.

Refurbished IT grades; what you need to know

Whether you’re choosing to buy refurbished to save money, to get a higher spec’d machine at a more competitive price, or to reduce your impact on the environment, understanding refurbished grades will ensure your computer is exactly what you need. Refurbished grades are widely used to reflect the cosmetic quality of a computer, essentially whether there are scuffs, scratches, or other signs of wear. Each of our machines is high-quality and fully functional as the grade only denotes the visual quality.

Grade A is the highest grade and reflects that the product is in excellent or very good condition. A Grade B machine will have noticeable marks and signs of use – which will be reflected in a lower price. For more details on our grading, read our recent article.

Refurbished IT for a more sustainable future

Buying IT equipment, new or refurbished, is a big financial commitment. We offer a 12-month warranty on all our products, to provide you with complete peace of mind. Find out more about our 12-month warranty – which matches the warranty on a new computer, here.

The start of university is the next step towards an exciting future. At Renewed, we believe our planet needs to be protected now, to ensure a safe future for us all.

Switch to refurbished IT for a sustainable start to university 

Making the switch to refurbished IT can make a difference – make the change today, for a better tomorrow. With a lower cost, warranty and sustainability promise from Renewed, there’s no reason to buy new.

Get in touch today to chat to one our technical experts and start your sustainable IT journey.