Neil Robson, left, Bill Champness right receiving BSI certification

The team are proud to announce that The Renewed Store has been awarded a prestigious BSI Kitemark™ and we are now a Certified Reconditioner. The BSI Certified Reconditioner Kitemark demonstrates the quality and reliability of The Renewed Store’s refurbished IT hardware, providing assurance that second-hand doesn’t mean second grade.

BSI Kitemark™ Certification; giving organisations the confidence to embrace sustainable IT

We recognise that many organisations looking to adopt more sustainable IT strategies are naturally concerned about the quality and performance of refurbished IT. With the award of our BSI Kitemark™, we can further allay those fears and provide world-renowned quality assurance and peace of mind for refurbished IT purchases.

Our BSI Kitemark™ certification builds upon our long-standing internal quality control framework (our Q20 standards) and further supports our goal to enable organisations to successfully switch to refurbished IT wherever possible.

Renewed’s project lead for the BSI accreditation process, Neil Robson, commented:

“Our mission is to raise awareness of the benefits of refurbished IT as we know so many businesses have yet to consider it as an alternative to new equipment. We are proud to have been awarded the BSI Kitemark™ certification and believe this underpins the quality standards that are at the heart of our offer – ensuring IT buyers can be confident that with Renewed they are investing in robust, sustainable IT solutions.”

Clear advice, certified quality and a 12-month warranty as standard

At The Renewed Store we offer more than just refurbished IT equipment. We partner with our clients to provide clear advice, tailored specifications, and high-performance, fit-for-purpose equipment. In addition, all our refurbished IT has a 12-month warranty as standard, extendable to 36-months if required, for complete peace of mind.

With the successful completion of the stringent BSI Certification process, we can provide additional reassurance to clients now and in the future. Bill Champness, Founder and Managing Director commented,

“Not only does our refurbished equipment perform ‘as new’ without the price tag – often offering a 40% cost saving compared to new – it also maximises the lifecycle of high-quality IT and helps to reduce reliance on the earth’s valuable and limited resources of core minerals.

There has never been a more important time to build sustainable IT solutions into the fabric of our organisations and we are passionate about helping people embrace that.

The BSI Kitemark™ is the symbol of trust needed to help people think refurbished first.”

BSI: UK Standards body and Global Certification Company

Established in 1901, BSI is a world-leading national standards body whose purpose is inspiring trust for a more resilient world. Now operating across 90 offices in 31 countries, BSI has been providing reassurance to consumers for over 120 years.

Renewed were presented with the BSI Kitemark™ Certification on 28 April 2022.

Download the BSI Case Study here.