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Homeschooling has become a reality for a majority of parents in 2020 and 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, the need for budget-friendly, reliable IT equipment in homes has increased. Teaching children how to use technology is now a fundamental part of the curriculum, which demands education settings provide high-quality machines for students.

Choosing the correct technology to help children learn, whether they’re being homeschooled or need to do homework after school, may seem like a daunting task. However, students actually have a wide range of options available to ensure they’re able to continue their learning whilst at home.

Our range of reliable refurbished computers, laptops and tablets are the perfect learning companion for students and are an extremely cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of purchasing tech. To find out more about our refurbished hardware, get in touch on +44 (0) 1428 707900 or email enquiries@therenewedstore.com.

Why technology is important for homeschooling

There are a number of reasons why technology is important when it comes to learning, especially homeschooling and homework. If you have unreliable or old technology, it may mean that children aren’t able to easily access apps, connect to calls or complete tasks efficiently.

Reliable technology is important for:

Connection to teachers for curriculum learning

Teachers are now using online technology to teach classes over video conferencing apps such as Zoom. As well as this, they are using online portals such as Google Classroom to set tasks for students to complete during lessons as well as for homeschooling and homework.

Tasks can be completed and ticked off online, providing a great resource for showing progress and getting feedback to improve virtual learning.

Using apps and online learning portals

A lot of tasks are now set online, using specific learning apps and platforms. Reliable technology allows children to easily access and connect to the right learning platforms and complete homework and assignments all in one place.

Technology provides access to a wealth of information

Depending on the age of a child, they may need to do further research for some of their online learning. With a fast and reliable computer or laptop, they’ll be able to quickly and easily access the internet and find all of the information they need about any topic to complete their set tasks.

Connection to their peers

Not seeing other students and friends can be a confusing and distressing notion for a lot of children, so using online platforms such as Zoom allows them to connect with their classmates and keep in touch with friends easily.

We would always recommend checking browser and settings to ensure your child is safe while online.

Budget-friendly, refurbished tech for homeschooling

Refurbished or renewed technology is an excellent option for homeschooled children, whether you’re a parent trying to find the right solution for your child or a school looking to bulk buy laptops for students.

Cost effective

One of the main benefits of choosing refurbished technology is that it’s an extremely cost-effective way of getting reliable laptops and tablets into homes. All of our refurbished systems have been previously used, but usually they are usually only a year or two old. Our skilled technicians will upgrade and update all technology to the highest standards – we actually do over 20 different checks on each item to ensure they’re running optimally. You’ll then get a computer that is almost as good as new at around 40% less cost.

This also means you can actually get more machine for your money; better spec computers and laptops, with more memory and faster loading times.

One year warranty

In the unlikely event you have any issues, your refurbished system will be covered by our Q20 promise which offers a 12-month warranty. This gives you peace of mind that our team will investigate should we need to.

Environmentally friendly tech

Choosing refurbished is also an important choice for the environment. All parts and the entire system are being recycled and reused, meaning no new parts have to be made to create the desktop, laptop or tablet. With valuable resources in short supply, and the mining process extremely harmful to the environment, choosing refurbished IT equipment also reduces your carbon footprint.

It's also a great way to teach children about the value of looking after the planet and how recycling can help combat environmental issues.

Get in touch about your IT needs

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We’re proud to work with schools and students up and down the UK, helping them to improve the learning experience for children and giving them access to high-quality computing equipment.

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