Open laptop with black screen, on a desk next to a pot plant

Shop refurbished laptops on a budget

The performance and flexibility laptops offer makes them ideal for work and home life, serving as a work device that can be used on the go. Choose a refurbished model to make the most of your investment.
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Open laptop with pad of paper, orange notebook and pen next to it

Practical tips for green computing

In the modern world where climate change awareness is more prominent than ever, it’s increasingly important for us.
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Top view of a closed MacBook

MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air: What’s the difference?

If you’re looking at updating your laptop to an Apple MacBook, you may have noticed there are two main options. So, which one's right for you?
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View of warehousing stock of computer parts

Green computing: why refurbished is the way forward

One of the most well known benefits of purchasing refurbished desktops, laptops or tablets is the dramatically lower price. But did you also know, it's great for the environment?
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Side view of engineer working on a computer

What does refurbished grade A and grade B condition mean?

If you're buying refurbished tech, you need to know about Grades. All our tech is graded so that you can choose the best machine for you.
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view of an open laptop on a desk.

Seller refurbished and manufacturer refurbished

If this is your first time shopping for renewed hardware, it’s important to understand the terminology and to know exactly what you’re buying.
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Rear view of computers showing cables plugged in

We’ve looked at refurbished IT myths

If you have never bought refurbished IT before, it can be a bit daunting, especially if you aren't sure how it's been refurbished.
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Looking over the should of a person using a laptop

Refurbished computers vs new computers

A huge benefit of choosing refurbished computers over new machines is that you can save costs.
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View of a computer screen through a pair of reading glasses

How we refurbish desktops and laptops

We have over 20 years’ experience in computer refurbishment and are proud of our extensive quality system.
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Rear view of students working at computers in an ICT suite

How schools can save money on high-performance IT suites

So often both public and private schools have a strict budget for IT suites, whilst feeling the pressure to provide state of the art machines.
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Close up view of engineer inspecting a computer

Five ways businesses benefit from refurbished computers

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from investing in refurbished and repaired computers and IT hardware.
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Close up view of a laptop, with a stethoscope and hands typing

Stretched NHS budget? Try using refurbished computers instead

Healthcare providers everywhere are being asked by the government and other bodies to commit to standards of IT.
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