We provide BSI Kitemark™ Certified, high-performance refurbished laptops, desktops and tablets for businesses across the UK.

Reliable, refurbished IT for businesses

Refurbished IT equipment from Renewed not only enables businesses to meet their sustainability targets, critically it is also high-performing, reliable and backed by a 12-month warranty as standard (36-months on request) and typically presents cost savings of 40%.

We have been supplying and delivering refurbished IT for businesses since 1997. Our expertise and passion in refurbished IT has never been more important as the world focuses more on the importance of sustainability and how we protect the planet’s precious and limited resources.

Why switch to refurbished IT?

IT provision for businesses needs to offer owners and staff:

– Fast, reliable performance

– The ability to run required software efficiently

– Compatibility with existing IT infrastructure

– Secure set up

– Accessibility options

Whilst purchasing new equipment can meet these needs, it is likely to cost you significantly more than switching to the sustainable option of refurbished IT equipment. Working with the expert Renewed team could save your business up to 40% compared to the price of new, freeing budget to invest in other areas, or enabling more extensive or high specification upgrades within budget.

Talk to us today about making the switch to refurbished IT

Are you planning a complete IT upgrade across your business? Do you need existing equipment upgraded? Do you need to supply equipment to facilitate more streamlined remote and flexible working?

With extensive knowledge of top brands including Dell, Apple, HP, Microsoft and Lenovo, we can work with you to identify and specify the right refurbished equipment for the needs of your business.

Get in touch today on +44 (0) 1428 707900 or follow link below.

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Upgrade your server to maximise performance

Upgrading your IT equipment may also require an upgrade to your server to optimise performance. Upgrading the memory modules is a more cost-effective and sustainable option than buying a new server and can extend the lifespan of your server by several years.

Our specialists will advise you on the best solution for your existing server and typically deliver your new memory module(s) within 24 – 48hrs, during working days.

Should your server upgrade leave you with redundant memory modules, we can work with you to provide an asset buy back option, which may generate a reduction in your overall upgrade costs. For a no obligation quote to upgrade your server memory, complete our enquiry form.

Exceed your sustainability targets with refurbished IT for businesses

Most organisations from businesses to schools, shops, charities and healthcare providers have sustainability targets as we all strive to reduce carbon footprint, reuse and recycle as much as possible. Making the switch to refurbished IT can make a huge contribution to achieving or even exceeding your sustainability and green credentials.

Did you know that the environmental impact of using refurbished laptops compared to new is reduced by 39-50%1

For every new computer manufactured, core minerals are mined, such as cobalt. The earth’s cobalt resources are already depleted, with an estimated 40 years supply left. Switching to refurbished IT reduces the reliance on these limited resources and also significantly reduces the amount of e-waste produced, tonnes of which is sent to landfill each year.

We worked with The Oldershaw Academy in Wallasey to upgrade their IT provision. We supplied 80 refurbished Dell desktops, saving them £48,000 compared to the cost of new machines, which meant they could upgrade their entire IT offering at once. Find out more about our work with The Oldershaw Academy here.

“Everyone actually thinks they’re brand new machines from Dell because the quality speed and features are that good. I think we need to raise awareness of the role of refurbished systems can play in the education sector, especially given the huge cost savings they provide which can free up the budget for other resources needed elsewhere.”

Keith Hallam, Oldershaw’s Network Manager

Lease finance option

As well as providing refurbished machines that perform as new, we can also offer a lease finance option to make the best use of your budget. Our finance is supplied by Money Sphere, who adhere to all DfE regulations and are Government compliant.

Choosing to lease IT equipment can allow better forward planning of allocated budgets, making essential purchase more affordable and more readily available. Repayments are agreed at a fixed rate so that you can plan ahead and understand exactly what will be payable over the full term.

To find out more about the lease finance option, call Renewed on +44 (0) 1428 707900.

12-month warranty and customer service

Just like buying a new machine, all of our refurbished machines include a 12-month warranty. If desired, this can be upgraded to 36-months on most items for an agreed fee.

Following delivery of your machines, our expert customer service team are on hand Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm to provide any customer support required.

Make the switch to refurbished IT today

Talk to our team today to find out how we can support you in making the switch to refurbished IT. Reduce your IT expenditure, reduce your impact on the planet, and benefit from high-quality IT solutions with Renewed. Call +44 (0) 1428 707900 or email [email protected].

Because there is no planet B.

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