BSI Certified refurbished IT

In 2022, the Renewed Store was awarded a BSI Kitemark™ certifying the quality and reliability of The Renewed Store’s refurbished IT hardware. Many people and organisations looking to adopt a sustainable IT strategy are concerned about the quality and performance of refurbished IT. With the award of our BSI Kitemark™ as Certified Reconditioner, we can allay those fears and provide world-renowned quality assurance and peace of mind for refurbished IT purchases.

The confidence to embrace sustainable IT

The BSI Kitemark™ builds on our long-standing internal quality control framework, our Q20 promise, and further supports our goal to enable the successful switch to refurbished IT wherever possible.

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Clear advice. Certified IT hardware. 12-month warranty

The Renewed Store offers more than just refurbished IT hardware. We want to make the switch to refurbished tech as easy as possible. We provide clear advice, tailored specifications, and high-performance, fit-for-purpose machines. Each machine includes a 12-month warranty, which can be extended to 36-months to give you complete peace of mind.

Our BSI certification is further reassurance of the quality and our commitment to refurbished IT.

Sustainable IT today, for a better tomorrow

Every year millions of computers end up in landfill, as machines are needlessly replaced with new, instead of making the switch to refurbished IT. When it comes to sustainability, in many industries you’ll pay more for making the right choice, but that isn’t the case when it comes to refurbished IT.

Not only will refurbished IT save you up to 40% versus the price of new, but the environmental benefits are also too great to ignore. Reduced e-waste. Reduced landfill. Reduced mining of precious non-renewable resources. Reduced carbon-emissions.

According to Global Footprint Network, an organisation focused on advancing the science of sustainability, we are using the equivalent of 1.75 earths to maintain our current way of life, and ecosystems can’t keep up with our demands. By working in partnership with our customers and supporting the switch to refurbished IT, together we can make a real difference.

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Founder and CEO Bill Champness and BSI Project Lead Neil Robson, receiving the world renowned BSI certification for The Renewed Store.

Neil Robson (left) and Bill Champness (right) receiving the BSI Certification for The Renewed Store