Providing BSI Kitemark™ Certified refurbished laptops, desktops and tablets for the education sector.

We have been delivering refurbished IT hardware to education settings since 1997. Our expertise in refurbished IT has never been more important as the world focuses more and more on the importance of sustainability and how we protect the planet’s precious and limited resources.

Refurbished IT from Renewed not only enables organisations to meet their sustainability targets, critically it is also high performing, backed by a 12-month warranty as standard (36-months on request) and typically presents costs savings of 40%.

Reliable, refurbished IT for education settings

We understand that each educational setting has unique requirements, and we also know that budgets have never been more stretched. Providing reliable digital technology is essential to allow students to maximise their online learning and development and to flex to online and remote working as needed.

Whilst some settings encourage a ‘BYOD’ (bring your own device) policy, many schools, colleges and universities are expected to provide ICT suites large enough for one-to-one use for classes, requiring at least 30 machines per suite.

For our education customers we provide two key services:

Supply and delivery of refurbished IT 

Based on the specific needs of your setting, our team will provide a quote to supply and deliver the laptops, desktops and tablets required. Each machine comes with a 12-month warranty and has passed our comprehensive Q20 refurbished checklist, to provide you with complete confidence in choosing refurbished equipment. We are approved suppliers and partner with government approved procurement frameworks such as Everything ICT and KCS Procurement Services. Find out more about our partnerships here.

Removal and resale or disposal of redundant IT

The removal of redundant IT can cause its own challenges to education settings and we are here to help. At Renewed, we offer a complete service, ensuring safe, audited disposal and resale of assets, giving you peace of mind and enabling any resale value to be offset against your purchase, to further reduce the expenditure.

IT provision in education needs to offer students and staff:

– Fast, reliable performance
– The ability to run required software efficiently
– Compatibility with existing IT infrastructure
– Secure set up
– Accessibility options

Whilst purchasing new equipment can meet these needs, it is likely to cost you significantly more than switching to refurbished equipment. Working with the expert Renewed team could save your organisation up to 40% compared to the price of new IT equipment, freeing budget to invest in other critical areas, or enabling more extensive or high specification upgrades within budget.

To talk to our specialist team and find out how refurbished IT can work for your setting, call us on +44 (0) 1428 707900 or email 

The Inspiration Trust is responsible for procurement across all schools, to equip them with the resources and equipment needed to provide the best level of teaching to its students. This includes ICT provisions such as computer systems, servers, laptops and tablets which are vital to how students learn and progress at school. Find out more about our work with The Inspiration Trust here.

“Based on the age and condition of the PCs across all schools, the estimated replacement cost was £5 million. I reduced the spend by 20% by choosing different technology providers and platforms but the real game-changer, which enabled me to reduce the spend by another 20%, to reach my 40% target, was working with Renewed. They explained the benefits of investing in refurbished computer systems and how our Trust could save a lot of money on our IT infrastructure, without affecting the quality of the systems we provide to our staff and pupils.”

Michael Vaughan, Head of ICT at Inspiration Trust

Exceed your sustainability targets

Most organisations including schools, colleges and universities have sustainability targets as we all strive to reduce carbon footprint, reuse and recycle as much as possible. Making the switch to refurbished IT can make a huge contribution to achieving or even exceeding your sustainability and green credentials.

For every new computer manufactured, core minerals are mined, such as cobalt. The earth’s cobalt resources are already depleted, with an estimated 40 years supply left. Switching to refurbished IT reduces the reliance on these limited resources and also significantly reduces the amount of e-waste produced, tonnes of which is sent to landfill each year.

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Lease finance

Choose lease finance to fix your repayments and manage budgets.

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12-month warranty and customer service

Just like buying a new machine, all of our refurbished machines include a 12-month warranty. If desired, this can be upgraded to 36-months on most items for an agreed fee.

Following delivery of your machines, our expert customer service team are on hand Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm to provide any customer support required.

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