Refurbished IT services from Renewed

Since 1997, we have been providing high-quality, refurbished IT hardware from Apple, Dell, HP and Lenovo to schools and universities, businesses, charities, the public sector and healthcare providers. At Renewed, our aim is to support and drive a circular economy for IT hardware by providing refurbished machines at prices up to 40% lower than new.

Many of our customers, particularly in education, charities and the public sector, are under pressure to reduce spending year on year, whilst still providing a high-quality environment to all users. Upgrading an IT suite for a school, or machines across an organisation could easily involve hundreds of machines, with costs running into the thousands. We work with all our customers to provide a tailored service to source and supply high-quality refurbished computers, which perform ‘as new’, but at a price that won’t break the budget. To find out more about our impact and the significant savings we have made for business customers, visit our case studies.

We have experience across all sectors, including education, charities, business, healthcare, public sector and VARs. Our expert technical team is on hand to discuss your IT hardware needs and answer any questions you may have about buying renewed equipment. With so much at stake, the decision to buy refurbished is vital for us all.

Choosing to buy Renewed refurbished IT hardware will allow your business, organisation or school to benefit from up to date technology at a reduced cost. Meaning you can achieve a lower spend overall or, purchase higher-spec machines or reinvest the savings into other areas of your organisation.

Our team of experts are passionate about the benefits of refurbished IT, not only to the environment, but also for our customers.

Source and supply of refurbished IT equipment

For too long, buying new laptops, tablets, PCs and monitors has been the norm. The perception is that IT equipment needs to be upgraded and replaced every 3 years, with many businesses and organisations following this model. The reality is that the very latest generation hardware is simply not needed to perform the functions most users require. By refurbishing computers, laptops and desktop, the lifecycle of a unit can be extended from 3 years, up to 10 years. 

Every refurbished computer purchased from Renewed is BSI Certified. That means, every laptop, PC, tablet and monitor is put through a rigorous, globally recognised refurbishment process of inspection, testing, cleaning, upgrades and repairs to ensure you receive high-performance, great quality tech that is fit for purpose.

Following refurbishment in our Sussex workshop, each machine is given a 12-month warranty as standard, to provide you with complete peace of mind. We also have a team of technical experts to provide on-going customer service should that be required.

Essentially, refurbished IT hardware purchased from Renewed will be sourced to meet your specification needs and delivered to you without the hefty price tag of new. Why pay for new, when a refurbished machine with your ideal spec will cost you on average 40% less?

We’re so confident in the quality and performance of our refurbished equipment, that we offer a Try Before You Buy service for our business customers. Talk to one of our experts about the IT equipment you need, we will then arrange for a sample machine to be delivered to you - at no cost to you - so that you can try the machine before placing an order.

The confidence to embrace sustainable IT

The BSI Kitemark™ builds on our long-standing internal quality control framework, our Q20 promise, and further supports our goal to enable the successful switch to refurbished IT wherever possible.

Download BSI Case Study

Server Upgrades

We provide advice, support and the supply of certified memory modules to maximise the performance and lifecycle of your Dell or HP server, delivering the best return on investment for your organisation. If your server is performing sub-optimally, upgrading or adding memory modules is far more cost-effective and sustainable than buying a new server.

Whether you need to improve the speed and capacity of your existing network, are looking to add more machines to your network and need to upgrade your server to support this, or you have a new server to which you wish to add memory to in a more cost effective way, we can help.

Learn more about server upgrades here, including our lifetime warranty on all memory modules and the additional support and advice we provide.

iMac being refurbished

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Donate Tech; a second-life for tech

Our Donate Tech service provides a fresh approach to traditional disposal through ITADs or Managed Service providers, which often sees high-performance assets needlessly destroyed, due to unfounded concerns about data security or a lack of awareness about other options available. 

We collect, audit, securely data wipe and refurbish unwanted laptops, desktops, tablets and monitors. Equipment can then be resold to maximise its value for your business, and/or matched to schools and charities looking for equipment and donated to them free of charge. 

Our refurbishment process is BSI Kitemark™ Certified, so your donated equipment is ready for those organisations to deploy immediately. 

Find out more about our Donate Tech service here.