Renewed, Your Refurbished IT Partner.

Partnering with Renewed as a Reseller means sustainable, reliable, and affordable IT hardware for your customers – at a high margin compared to new tech.

We are a BSI Kitemark Certified Reconditioner, which builds on our long-standing internal quality control process, Q20.

Become a Reseller

Our Refurbished Mission.

Our goal is to enable organisations to successfully switch to refurbished IT wherever possible, without compromising quality and performance.

We do this by sourcing, refurbishing and supplying high quality, high performing IT hardware that's more reliable, more affordable, and more environmentally friendly than new.

Rethink refurbished IT

Refurbished isn’t just money-saving. Switching to refurbished tech reduces the impact of IT on the planet and an organisation’s environmental performance.

ESG targets, Scope1-3 emissions and net zero ambitions can all be accelerated with a sustainable IT purchasing strategy.

Your full-service refurbished IT partner

We are a full-service IT partners, working with you to provide a seamless service.

Get in touch to find out how you can achieve your margins and provide high-quality, affordable, reliable tech for your customers

Benefits of Choosing Renewed

Good for you
Great Margin - 15%
Dedicated Account Manager - Get in touch
Premium brand devices
Bonded stock and Imaging service
Extensive and consistent availability
Sustainable product offering
Good for your customers
BSI Kitemark Certified Refurbished
Quality. Affordability. Sustainability
Up to 3-year warranty
Positive impact on ESG targets
Huge cost savings
Try Before You Buy - free demo unit service

Reseller FAQs

Will I still make a good margin?
Yes, your margin on refurbished will be highly competetive to your margin on new hardware.

Is quality and reliability guaranteed?
Yes. Our hardware is BSI Kitemark Certified to provide you and your customers with peace of mind, and our warranty matches that of a new device. We are also very proud of the fact that our devices are more reliable than new, with a less than 1% return rate.

Do you offer incentives?
Yes! We are passionate about supporting you and your customers in their switch to refurbished tech, so we provide monthly incentives. Your Account Manager will be able to provide details.

How easy is it to buy refurbished tech from you?
Your dedicated Account Manager is with you every step of the way, from initial enquiry through to delivery. We offer competitive and flexible finance options too.

Will customers really benefit if they switch to refurbished tech?
Yes! Up to 40% savings versus new, lower environmental impact, 12-36 month warranty and hardware that's fit for purpose.

Got more questions? Call on +44(0) 1428 620607 to chat to one of our Account Managers and find out more.