Our warranty, your peace of mind

We understand the frustrations that go hand-in-hand with IT equipment when it doesn't make the grade, so we make sure our machines are of the very highest quality. We want to make sure you are happy and we achieve that by delivering only the very best.

With our 30-day money back guarantee, you can try the new way to buy tech, risk free.

Whether your IT is for personal or business use, quality and reliability is key. Our machines come with a 12-month warranty as standard - the same warranty that you’d receive when buying a new machine. It’s also possible to extend your warranty to 36-months if required. You can chat to one of our technical experts to find out more about this option. 

Our warranties are all 'return to base' and once with us, we'll give your hardware a good once over and if possible repair it within its warranty period.

Get in touch here if you have an item that needs some attention.

The confidence to embrace sustainable IT

The BSI Kitemark™ builds on our long-standing internal quality control framework, our Q20 promise, and further supports our goal to enable the successful switch to refurbished IT wherever possible.

Q20; our 20 point guarantee checklist

When you buy from Renewed, we can confidently guarantee you are receiving a high-quality, refurbished machine. Our rigorous Q20 checklist quality assurance process surpasses that of many other hardware suppliers to give you complete confidence and peace of mind when buying refurbished IT hardware. We go above and beyond to deliver products of the highest quality to ensure you get the best value and quality for your money, as well as help to contribute to a more sustainable IT industry.

Whether it’s to support your child’s home learning, for your home office or wider business needs, our refurbished products perform as new, for a fraction of the price. Each and every machine that we sell goes through and passes this stringent list before being sold for its second life. The Q20 checklist is an extensive step by step process that guarantees you receive the highest quality refurbished products. The dedicated team at Renewed follow our 20-step process that includes a full range of checks, tests, cleans and updates. 

We systematically follow our failsafe checklist ticking every box as we go, making sure your hardware is 100% fit for purpose. The machines that pass our Q20 process function as new, if not better, due to the upgrades we apply.

Q20 Checklist:

  • Motherboard / Logic Board: Manufacturer specific diagnostic tests
  • CPU (Processor): Manufacturer specific diagnostic tests
  • Memory (RAM, DIMM): Manufacturer specific diagnostic tests
  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD / SSD): Manufacturer specific diagnostic tests
  • Optical Disk Drive (ODD): Functional test – read & eject
  • Ethernet / Wi-Fi: Functional test
  • Battery: Visual inspection & health check
  • New CMOS CR2032 Battery: Installed where applicable
  • AC Adaptor: Visual inspection & functional test
  • BIOS / Firmware Passwords & MDM Lock: Checked & cleared
  • BIOS: Updated to latest available version
  • CPU Thermal Compound: Replaced where applicable
  • System Ports: Visual inspection
  • Screen (Touch & Non-Touch): Visual inspection & functional test
  • Keyboard: Functional test
  • Touchpad / Trackpad: Functional test
  • Internal Speakers: Functional test
  • System Fan(s): Checked / replaced
  • Chassis Feet, Badges, PCI Slot Covers & Latches: Checked / replaced
  • Cleaned Inside & Out: Where applicable

Confidence in Renewed refurbished IT hardware

As well as our Q20 checklist and BSI certification, you can be confident in the quality of the refurbished hardware you buy from Renewed because we know you’ll receive a machine that performs as promised. And isn’t performance the most important factor in IT hardware? Is it really critical to its use that the machine is brand new and you get to peel off that clear film? We don’t think so.

We use a grading system on every item of refurbished tech, which will let you know the quality of the refurbished product you’re buying from a cosmetic standpoint. Essentially, what it will look like; will it have marks, scuffs, scratches or other signs of use and to what extent. The grade gives you full transparency on what to expect from the look of your refurbished machine. 

The Grade, A or B, has no bearing on the technical performance of the machine as all units are refurbished to BSI certified quality. 

The good news is that the grade does affect the price; Grade A is the highest grade reflecting a machine that is in excellent or very good condition. Grade B tech can be considered to be in good condition with some signs of wear. So, unsurprisingly, the price of a Grade B machine will be lower than Grade A. And, don’t forget Grade A machines represent on average a 40% saving versus the price of new.

Find out more about refurbished grading so that you can join the refurbished revolution soon.