Introducing: Renewed's Laptop Builder!

Build your laptop

Why pay for a new or over spec’d machine, when you can build your own for up to 40% less and get a 12-month warranty to give you peace of mind?

Our tech is BSI KitemarkTM certified refurbished, helping to save the planet and save you money on your tech.

Risk-free and the spec you need

Simply choose the Processor (CPU), RAM, Storage, Operating System and whether you’d like a Webcam, and add to basket. While you bask in the afterglow, your BSI Certified Refurbished laptop will be built, put through our Q20 quality assurance process, and delivered to you FREE, with its charger, within 3 working days.

How is that risk-free? Read on! Every laptop must pass our stringent Q20 quality process, so you’ll receive a laptop in tip top working condition. We only use the highest grade processors, Sold State Drives and RAM to guarantee you a high-performance refurbished laptop. Your laptop includes a 12-month warranty (the same as the one you’d receive on a new laptop), and we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

More about the options

  • Processors / CPUs: These specification options optimise your laptop. i5 and i7 processors (CPUs) are more powerful than Intels lower tier processors, so this ensures you get reliable performance. The i7 is slightly quicker and better at multi-tasking, however the i5 is more than powerful enough for the average user.
  • RAM: We offer a minimum of 8GB RAM, to provide you with superior user experience. You can certainly run a laptop with 4GB, however we think you’d see some reduction in performance when you’re in the flow of multi-tasking with lots of applications and windows running.
  • SSD: We only offer solid state drives (SSDs) for our custom-built laptops. It’s a more expensive, fast and reliable option than a traditional hard drive. In the unlikely event you were to drop your laptop, an SSD will keep your data safe. You’ll also experience lighting fast boot times and a more reliable performance with the SSD.
  • OS: We offer Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating systems. You may choose the latest Windows 11 for it’s improved functionality and aesthetics, or you may be happy in the ‘better the devil you know’ camp of Windows 10 – we don’t judge!

What laptop will you receive?

Great question! The brand of refurbished laptop you receive is based on the spec you’ve chosen and the stock we have to build your specific order. We exclusively use top name brands such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo; high-quality, high-performance, reliable computers you can trust. Your laptop will be a professional design, coming only in black, grey, silver or white – no need to worry about receiving a garish model you’re too embarrassed to take to the office!

Why build a laptop with Renewed?

Another great question! Buying tech is a big decision, so here’s what you need to know:

  • We’ve been building and selling refurbished tech since 1997 – way before it was cool!
  • We are one of a handful of BSI Certified Reconditioners, giving you globally recognised quality tech
  • We have lots of very happy customers. Check us out on Trustpilot and Amazon
  • Your laptop includes a 12-month warranty and 30-day money back guarantee
  • Your laptop will be made, tested, and delivered to you within 3 working days – for free!
  • You could save around 40% versus buying a new laptop
  • Our tech helps to reduce the impact of technology on the planet by reducing landfill

What now?

Well, if you’re ready to build your laptop, get started here