It might sound a bit unnerving to buy refurbished tech, but we’ve been refurbishing machines for over 25 years and we know what we’re doing. It’s not our first rodeo! Our BSI Kitemark Certification is a reassurance of our robust refurbishment process and quality control.

So, here’s everything you need to know about refurbished tech grades, so that you can be confident in your purchase from Renewed.

What are refurbished IT grades?

Refurbished grades let you know the quality of the refurbished product you’re buying from a cosmetic standpoint. Essentially, what it will look like; will it have marks, scuffs, scratches or other signs of use and to what extent. The grade gives you full transparency on what to expect from the look of your refurbished machine.

Does the grade reflect the performance?

No, not at all. The grade you’ll see, either A - Excellent or B - Fair, on our tech has all passed our comprehensive and rigorous BSI Kitemark Certified Reconditioner process, and will perform as you want and need! We put each machine through its paces with a long list of cosmetic, physical, diagnostic and BIOS checks. The grade only tells you about how the item will look. 

What is Excellent grade tech?

Excellent, or Grade A tech, is the highest grade and reflects that the tech is in excellent or very good cosmetic condition. Excellent tech will show minor signs of previous use, which may include very minor cosmetic marks or light scratches, refurbished laptops may have minor scratches to the screen but not visible when turned on. None of which will affect the performance of the machine. And let’s not forget, as soon as you peel the protective film off a new machine, there’s likely to be the odd mark before too long anyway, so why pay for new solely on the basis of cosmetics? 

What to expect from your Grade A tech:

Keyboard: all letters, symbols and numbers visible. There may be some shine.

Screen: no visible scratches when screen is in use. 

Body: may show minor signs of use.

What is Fair grade tech?

Fair, or Grade B tech can be considered to be in good cosmetic condition, with some signs of prior use. The functionality of Fair machines remains the same as Excellent, however due to the signs of use, Fair tech will be priced lower. So, if you don’t really mind about a few more of those barely-there marks compared to Grade A (which you’ll probably add to after a few uses anyway), then Grade B may be the right choice for you and will help you save a few more pounds.

What to expect from your Grade B tech:

Keyboard: all letters, symbols and numbers visible, with some shine.

Screen: may have scratches visible when screen is in use. 

Body: may have dents, scratches and cracks. Badges and logos may be missing.

But remember, it will be fully functional and save you more money if you buy Grade B.

Which grade is for you?

If you’re still reading, that’s great! The bottom line is, we don’t think how your laptop or tablet looks is as important as those big companies would have you believe. Isn’t it more important that your computer does what you need it to do, saves you up to 40% when compared to a new machine and, oh helps you do your bit for Planet Earth by significantly reducing the environmental impact of your IT purchase? Because the performance is the same, when you’re deciding whether to buy Excellent or Fair tech, consider this:

How are you going to use it? If you’re going to be using it on the go, or with inexperienced users of tech (we’re looking at you, kids!) where additional scuffs are likely to happen, then choose Fair - Grade B. You’ll save yourself money and you definitely won’t be worried about the odd mark on it when it arrives. If your machine is mainly going to be used in the same space, whether that be home, university, or work, or you’re buying a gift, you may enjoy a more ‘like new’ look, in which case, choose Excellent - Grade A.

Whether you buy Excellent or Fair tech, your machine will perform exactly the same and exactly how you’d expect. Plus, by choosing to buy refurbished you’ll also reduce your CO2 emissions, eWaste contribution and generally do a great thing for the planet. Cue warm and fuzzy feeling!

12-month warranty

In case you’re still a little concerned about the grading, here’s something else to give you complete peace of mind when you buy your refurbished tech from Renewed. Don’t worry, it’s not a free hug!

Every machine includes a free 12-month warranty. Yep, whether it’s Excellent or Fair, you can be assured that you’re getting the best quality refurbished IT with our 12-month warranty, much like new tech.

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