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What are refurbished grades?

Customers choose to buy refurbished IT for a number of reasons including saving money, getting access to better tech for less, and being environmentally friendly. To help potential buyers understand exactly what they’re purchasing and its condition, we have our refurbished grades system and our Q20 Promise.

Refurbished grades let you know the quality of a refurbished product from a cosmetic standpoint, and reflect whether a laptop, desktop, iMac or iPad has marks, scuffs or scratches, and to what degree. They’ve become a quality standard in the industry as a way to accurately communicate what to expect from a specific product. They build confidence in the customer and separate ‘as new’ tech from tech that may have scratches and signs of wear and tear.

It’s important to note that all of our machines are high quality, thoroughly tested by experts and fully functional – the grades only relate to the cosmetic condition and we highlight this to match your expectations with the item you’re looking to buy. Following the standard assignment of lettered grades, we sell refurbished IT that is either assigned a Grade A or Grade B status. Here is what this means in further detail for the equipment we sell.

Our refurbished grading system

Refurbished Grade A

– This is the highest possible grade and reflects that the product is in excellent or very good condition and can be reasonably considered to be ‘like new’ or similar. Some Grade A items may have minor cosmetic marks or light scratches, or shiny areas from use on the keyboard or mouse/trackpad.– These products will show little sign of previous use and no significant marks.

Refurbished Grade B

– Grade B products will be in an okay condition with marks and scratches noticeably visible to the user, including shiny keys and surfaces around the keyboard. They are refurbished products with signs of previous use, but the functionality remains the same as Grade A products. – Overall, Grade B products will have a lower price than Grade A to reflect their cosmetic condition.

Which grade is right for you? This is completely dependant on personal preference, but it can come down to a few factors that are worth considering:

– How will you use the device?

– Where will you use the device?

– Is it for yourself, multiple people, or a gift?

If you are buying a computer for work or study and frequently travel, taking it into a range of offices and locations where it’s likely to see the effects of wear and tear quite swiftly, then Grade B would save you some upfront cost.

On the other hand, if you’re purchasing for home use and are unlikely to take it on long trips on a regular basis, you may enjoy the seamless cosmetic quality of Grade A, likewise, if you’re buying it for a gift and want it to look as new as possible.

Our Q20 Promise

Along with the idea of the cosmetic condition presented in our grading system, we have our strict Q20 Promise as part of our warranty. The Q20 Promise is our thorough testing process that all of our machines complete before they are released for sale. This includes cosmetic and physical checks, diagnostic software tests and BIOS checks.

Our Q20 Promise is backed up by our 12-month warranty and ensures you’re getting the best quality refurbished IT and can buy in confidence. For more details about our Q20 Promise, read our article.

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