Working in partnership with enFrame

enFrame procurement framework partnership

We are pleased to announce that The Renewed Store are an approved supplier for enFrame’s ICT framework.

enFrame work with schools, academy trusts and public sector organisations to help them buy better, save money and fight climate change; objectives Renewed are also incredibly passionate about.

BSI Kitemark™ certified quality refurbished IT hardware

Choosing to buy refurbished IT hardware instead of new can feel like a risk, especially when budgets are already tight. The Renewed Store are a BSI Kitemark Certified Reconditioner, providing organisations with assurance that second-hand doesn’t mean second grade.

Every item of Renewed’s Grade A refurbished IT hardware undergoes a rigorous refurbishment process in the technical workshop. The Q20 checklist includes cosmetic and physical checks, tests, updates, and cleaning to ensure you receive the very best.

The machines that pass our Q20 process function as new, if not better, due to the upgrades we apply.

Working with enFrame to provide fit-for-purpose refurbished IT

Choosing to purchase refurbished IT hardware will save you a significant amount versus buying new, up to 40%. And you won’t be compromising on quality or performance.

Renewed can source to order based on the specification you need to run your organisation. Our technical advisors are on hand to offer advice on the model and specification you need, if you are unsure.

Many organisations buy new and needlessly spend valuable budget on over-spec’d machines that simply aren’t required. Understanding what your IT equipment needs to do within your organisation is the first step in making sure you purchase the right fit-for-purpose machines and don’t over spend.

Consider your organisation’s needs in terms of:

  • Data: the management, storage, and security of data

  • Communication: internal and external requirements e.g email, video

  • Software: the applications and integrations required to facilitate internal and external business

  • Security: management of Wi-Fi, vpn, firewalls

  • Demand/Capacity: size and speed of current network and server

  • Budget & quantities: budgets are often based on new costs. By choosing refurbished equipment, we can provide more equipment or higher specification units for the same budget or save you money to reinvest into other areas

Download enFrame ICT Framework Information

Choose refurbished equipment to reduce your environmental impact

In addition to the financial benefit of choosing refurbished IT equipment, the impact on the environment should be a real consideration for all organisations. Switching to a sustainable IT strategy will make a significant positive impact on the environment by reducing e-waste, carbon emissions, landfill, and the drain on the earth’s precious and non-renewable resources.

By purchasing a refurbished laptop, there is a reduction in environmental impact of 39 – 50% compared to buying new.

We are passionate about refurbished IT and working with customers to reduce the e-waste crisis that is damaging our planet. The lifecycle of most computers can be extended from 3 years up to 10 years by refurbishing.  This significantly reduces the need for new hardware and the volume of e-waste produced by the constant new replacements.

Whether you’re buying one iPad or equipping a whole ICT suite, or office, choosing refurbished hardware makes a difference. Make the switch to refurbished IT today, for a better tomorrow.