Image of the printed Q20 checklist document

When you buy from Renewed, we can confidently guarantee you are receiving a high-quality, refurbished machine. Our rigorous Q20 checklist quality assurance process surpasses many other hardware suppliers to give you complete confidence and peace of mind when buying refurbished IT hardware.

We go above and beyond to deliver products of the highest quality to ensure you get the best value and quality for your money, as well as help to contribute to a more sustainable IT industry. Whether it’s to support your child’s home learning, for your home office or wider business needs, our refurbished products perform as new, for a fraction of the price.

Our Q20 checklist

To ensure reliability, quality and performance, we developed our Q20 guarantee checklist. Each and every machine that we sell goes through and passes this stringent list before being sold for its second life.

The Q20 checklist is an extensive step by step process that guarantees you receive the highest quality refurbished products. The dedicated team at Renewed follow our 20-step process that includes a full range of checks, tests, cleans and updates. We systematically follow our failsafe checklist ticking every box as we go, making sure your hardware is 100% fit for purpose.

The machines that pass our Q20 process function as new, if not better, due to the upgrades we apply.

Why buy renewed IT?

Whether you are purchasing for personal or business needs, replacing IT equipment is an investment. However, making the switch to refurbished IT will not only save you a significant amount, up to 40% versus the cost of new, you will also be joining a growing customer group who are choosing a more responsible and sustainable approach to their IT.

At Renewed, we are passionate about educating customers on the financial, economic and environmental benefits of refurbished tech. Each year, thousands of tonnes of IT equipment are needlessly sent to landfills around the world as computers and laptops are replaced in a 36-months buying cycle. A vast majority of these computers could be expertly refurbished and resold for use across schoolscollegesbusinessescharities, homes and many other organisations – giving the tech a ‘second life’. Replacing IT with the latest model in this cycle is rarely necessary for the performance and has a huge impact on the earth’s limited resources.

Choose refurbished from Renewed

If you are new to refurbished IT, our Q20 checklist is your guarantee of receiving the fit-for-purpose desktops, laptops and tablets that you need, at a competitive price. Every machine we sell comes with a 12-month warranty taking away any risk versus buying a new machine, and is supported by our expert technical customer service team, who are on hand to support you once you take delivery.

If you would like to find out more about refurbished IT equipment and how to confidently make the switch for your personal or business use, contact the Renewed team today on +44 (0) 1428 707900 or email

Our Q20 checklist promise

Here’s the full detail of our Q20 checklist:

  • Motherboard / Logic Board: Manufacturer specific diagnostic tests

  • CPU (Processor): Manufacturer specific diagnostic tests

  • Memory (RAM, DIMM): Manufacturer specific diagnostic tests

  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD / SSD): Manufacturer specific diagnostic tests

  • Optical Disk Drive (ODD): Functional test – read & eject

  • Ethernet / Wi-Fi: Functional test

  • Battery: Visual inspection & health check

  • New CMOS CR2032 Battery: Installed where applicable

  • AC Adaptor: Visual inspection & functional test

  • BIOS / Firmware Passwords & MDM Lock: Checked & cleared

  • BIOS: Updated to latest available version

  • CPU Thermal Compound: Replaced where applicable

  • System Ports: Visual inspection

  • Screen (Touch & Non-Touch): Visual inspection & functional test

  • Keyboard: Functional test

  • Touchpad / Trackpad: Functional test

  • Internal Speakers: Functional test

  • System Fan(s): Checked / replaced

  • Chassis Feet, Badges, PCI Slot Covers & Latches: Checked / replaced

  • Cleaned Inside & Out: Where applicable