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A huge benefit of choosing refurbished vs new computers is that you can save anywhere from 20% to 40% of the cost, which is particularly crucial when buying for schools and offices.

While it may require a little more research, the return on investment is more than worth checking your options and making the right choice for your situation.

Below, we compare new and refurbished machines by looking into frequently asked questions, which could help you find a high-performance machine at the same time as making a great saving:

Are refurbished computers reliable?


Refurbished PCs are guaranteed by the manufacturer. In fact, most computers aren’t returned due to a defect or issue. It’s far more likely that either the buyer has changed their mind or they find themselves incapable of using their new computer correctly and so send it back.

On the rare occasions that a system is returned due to a genuine fault, they are repaired, cleaned and tested thoroughly before being put up for resale. Statistically, you are less likely to receive a defective refurbished unit than a defective new one, thanks to all the extra stress tests a refurbished computer goes through.

This means you can buy in confidence; review our own quality assurance Q20 promise here for more information on how your machine will arrive in a fantastic condition.

Do refurbished computers come with a warranty?


A refurbished computer will normally come with the same warranty protection as a brand new computer, so if there is a problem, you’ll be covered during the warranty period.

At Renewed, fully refurbished machines come with a 12-month warranty, providing you with peace of mind when you purchase. 

Do you really save money with refurbished computers?


When buying a refurbished machine you should look to save at least 15% compared to buying the same product new. Always check the price of buying new compared to refurbished to work out your exact savings.

Do refurbs have better or worse specs?

The same or better.

It is likely that you will be able to afford a higher specification machine when you choose a refurbished model, giving you better value for money. A higher spec offers greater functionality, productivity, and increases the lifespan from purchase as it will be faster and using more recent technology. You may be buying a refurbished machine that is six months old, or the previous model released from the manufacturer. The capabilities will still be close to brand new models and as it’s recommended machines are replaced every two years, it doesn’t ultimately affect your experience with computer performance.

Can you customise a refurbished model?

After it is purchased.

When you buy a refurbished model, you’re not able to customise it with more RAM or a higher-spec graphics card, as you may request with a brand new model. However, any alterations can be actioned once you own the machine, meaning you still have that flexibility to have it built exactly how you would like. With the money saved, you’ll be in a better position to improve certain elements with your spare funds.

Are the prices of refurbished machines misleading?

Not if you do your research.

Often the comparison prices will be the cost of the refurbished machine compared with the cost if you were buying it, or had bought it brand new. If you are buying a model that’s 6 months old, check the current price on the market for a better understanding of your cost savings.

At Renewed, we don’t provide the original price, but rather the price of the specific models we have worked on. The best way to appreciate the value is by looking at the specifications you’ll receive, such as hard drive memory and the details of the processor.

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