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Reducing the e-waste crisis with refurbished IT

At Renewed we are passionate about refurbished IT. We work with customers from a range of sectors to provide refurbished IT equipment in effort to combat the e-waste crisis that is damaging our planet.

Every year, millions of metric tons of e-waste is produced around the world, with only a small proportion of this waste being collected and properly recycled. Advances in technology and consumer demand have worked hand in hand to drive the expected life cycle of a device down, therefore creating inherent obsolescence within the industry. According to Statista, the amount of e-waste is expected to grow around 4 – 5% per year, to a staggering 74.7 metric tons in 2030.

Responsibly recycling and managing e-waste is certainly an important factor in the overall crisis, however, a significant impact can be made by more businesses, organisations and people choosing to switch to refurbished IT – instead of replacing with new equipment.

The environmental impact of refurbished IT equipment

Choosing refurbished instead of new machines feeds into the circular economy; reducing the need to deplete the earth’s finite recourses. The life cycle of most laptops and desktops can be extended from 3 years up to around 10 years by refurbishing, significantly reducing the constant need for new hardware and the volume of e-waste produced each year.

It’s easy to choose new equipment and assume that’s the best decision for your needs. But have you considered the true purpose of the IT equipment you need? When we talk to our customers to identify the right machines and specifications, we find it’s rarely the latest generation that is needed. The first step in purchasing IT equipment should be to define its purpose; with that information, we can work with you to provide high-quality, high-performance machines – with an average cost saving of 40%

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By choosing refurbished laptops over new, there is a 39 – 50% reduction in environmental impact. Most organisations have their own environmental or sustainability policies and are working towards specific targets. Switching to refurbished IT is a simple, low-cost option to give your sustainability credentials a boost.

12-month warranty for peace of mind

Starting your refurbished IT purchasing journey couldn’t be easier. Our team of experts are on hand to work with you and define your IT equipment needs. With your requirements agreed, we will provide you with a quote. We know it can feel like a risk to choose refurbished IT equipment, however, every one of our units includes a 12-month warranty to give you complete peace of mind. Our West Sussex based technical customer service team are on hand during business hours to help if needed.

Q20 is our robust 20-point checklist that every one of our machines must pass. This stringent process includes checks, tests, cleans and updates. The machines that pass our Q20 process, function as new, if not better, due to the upgrades we apply.

Would you like to know more about refurbished IT?

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