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Equipping your child with refurbished IT for secondary school

Today, 1 March 2022, is National Offer Day for secondary school places. We hope it’s been a successful day and your child will be attending their preferred school.

With a secondary school place confirmed, that’s one item ticked off the list. Between now and September, there will be many other things to consider, plan and of course, purchase, to equip your child for Year 7 and beyond. Many secondary schools now encourage families to purchase a tablet or laptop for their child to use during school, as well as at home for extended learning opportunities.

Choose refurbished equipment to save money

Whilst some schools offer a purchasing scheme which can provide a small discount on a new tablet or laptop, we think there is a better way; a better way for you and a better way for the environment.

Choosing to purchase refurbished IT for secondary school education, such as a Chromebook or laptop could save you up to 40% versus the price of buying new, that’s a significant saving too good to be ignored.

Refurbished IT will offer you and your child:

  • Fast, reliable performance

  • Secure set up

  • Compatibility to run required software efficiently

  • Peace of mind with a 12-month warranty

And all at a highly competitive price.

Every laptop, tablet and PC from Renewed is inspected, tested, cleaned, hand-refurbished and upgraded at our West Sussex workshop to meet the stringent standards of our Q20 promise, to provide you with a Grade A refurbished item.

Choose refurbished equipment to reduce your environmental impact

In addition to the financial benefit of choosing refurbished IT equipment, the impact on the environment is also a real consideration. By purchasing a refurbished laptop, there is a reduction in environmental impact of 39 – 50% compared to buying new.

We are passionate about refurbished IT and working with customers to reduce the e-waste crisis that is damaging our planet. The lifecycle of most computers can be extended from 3 years up to 10 years by refurbishing; significantly reducing the need for new hardware and the volume of e-waste produced by the constant new replacements.

Whether you’re buying one iPad or equipping a whole ICT suite, one of the key questions to consider about the items you choose is their true purpose. What do you need your iPad or laptop to do? Does it really need to be the latest generation, or would a refurbished model be fit for spurpose?

Get in touch to talk about refurbished IT for secondary school

The start of secondary school maybe a few months away, but why not get in touch today and chat to our team of experts about the benefits of refurbished IT for your child.

Call +44 (0) 1428 707900 or email enquiries@therenewedstore.com