mountain of computer chips

Supply and demand of the chip market

The chip shortage of 2021 may not be in headlines anymore, but it doesn’t mean that the issue itself has disappeared. With the demand for computer chips showing no sign of slowing down, the rate of production hasn’t got time to catch up.

How the pandemic impacted the supply chain

Prior to COVID-19, the chip shortage was already approaching. With technology developing at a rapid rate and the response from consumers following closely behind, keeping up with demand has been a growing struggle.

Following the pandemic, factories took a big hit, with lockdowns creating an even larger gap between supply and demand. With stock unable keep up with the consumer market, this makes now the perfect time to make the switch to refurbished IT.

Bridging the gap between IT and sustainability

The production of new IT hardware has significant and irreparable consequences for our planet. At Renewed, we have the solution to reduce the environmental impact and help you to avoid the global chip shortage and related supply issues.

Refurbished IT Hardware!

We source and supply, Grade A refurbished IT to our customers across the UK, helping to reduce the need for ongoing mining of precious resources, as well as the tonnes of e-waste and landfill created by the constant purchasing of new equipment.

Providing peace of mind with your refurbished IT

Our Grade A refurbished IT machines are ‘like new’, thanks to our stringent Q20 quality process. But we understand there may be some hesitancy when it comes to buying refurbished IT – we are here to change your mind!

We include a 12-month warranty with all our machines, which matches the warranty you would receive when buying a new unit.

Giving your old assets a second chance

If, as part of your upgrade, you have obsolete IT equipment to dispose of, we can provide a sustainable and low impact solution, to ensure the machines aren’t needlessly crushed or sent to landfill.

We can audit your existing equipment to identify and then cleanse your assets, to provide a value to remove these for you – which will likely reduce your overall upgrade costs. We take care of the whole process for you, following strict protocols to wipe all assets and either resell, recycle, or destroy in line with WEEE regulations.

The impact of switching to a sustainable IT solution

Not only will switching to refurbished IT save you money, up to 40% versus the price of new, but it will also help to reduce your organisation’s environmental impact, reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to your overall sustainability targets.

Visit our case studies to find out how we’ve helped our customers move to a more sustainable IT purchasing solution and make significant savings.

Think sustainable. Think Renewed.