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What is fit for purpose IT equipment?

What does ‘fit for purpose’ mean in the context of IT equipment? For your IT to be fit for purpose it must be ‘well equipped or well suited to its designated role or purpose’. Sounds simple – and at Renewed, that’s exactly what we believe – we source and provide fit for purpose, refurbished IT equipment for our customers across the UK, from schools and colleges, to officeshealthcare and charities.

Why consider the true purpose of your IT equipment?

In our experience, the question of the true purpose of IT equipment is rarely asked during the purchasing process. Not understanding the detail of how an organisation’s IT equipment needs to perform, can lead to significant over-spend and unnecessary purchasing of the latest generation units.

Read on to find out why refurbished IT equipment, sourced to meet the specific needs of your organisation could save you up to 40% versus the price of new – as well as significantly reduce the environmental impact of the IT industry – whilst still, critically, being fit for purpose.

What do you need your IT equipment to do?

The first step when looking at purchasing IT hardware is to consider your organisation’s needs in terms of:

  • Data: the management, storage, and security of data

  • Communication: internal and external requirements e.g email, video

  • Software: the applications and integrations required to facilitate internal and external business

  • Security: management of Wi-Fi, vpn, firewalls

  • Demand/Capacity: size and speed of current network and server

  • Budget & quantities: budgets are often based on new costs. By choosing refurbished equipment, we can provide more equipment or higher specification units for the same budget or save customers money to reinvest into other areas.

In understanding the detail of your IT needs, the team at Renewed can provide you with fit for purpose refurbished desktop, laptops, tablets, servers, and other related IT infrastructure.

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How can fit for purpose refurbished IT equipment solve your requirements?

Having worked with customers from education, business, public sector, healthcare, and many other industries for over 24 years, our experts will work with you to define the needs of your IT equipment. With an agreed specification, we will then source to your needs, timescales, and budget.

Save money: the number one reason our customers purchase from us time and time again is money. Fit for purpose refurbished IT equipment from Renewed will typically cost you up to 40% less than buying new. With budgets being squeezed in most industries, realising such a significant saving could make a huge impact.

Reduced environmental impact: if your organisation is working towards meeting sustainability targets, serious consideration should be given to making the switch to refurbished IT. Millions of new computers are being purchased each year, resulting in tonnes of e-waste going to landfill and the continued depletion of the earth’s resources.

By choosing refurbished laptops rather than new, there is a 39-50% reduction in environmental impact.1

Leasing options: an organisation’s investment in IT can be significant. We can offer lease finance options to make the best use of your budget. Choosing to leave IT equipment can allow for better forward planning of allocated budgets, making essential purchase more affordable and readily available.

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Our impact for The Inspiration Trust

The Inspiration Trust is responsible for IT procurement across all 14 academies in East Anglia. The Trust initially purchased 200 A-Grade refurbished desktops and laptops from Renewed, paying on average 50% less on each unit compared to new. In total, this has saved the Trust a significant £50,000.

Find out more about our work with the Inspiration Trust in our case study.


Start your refurbished IT purchasing today

We are passionate about challenging the perception that IT upgrades always to be new. Refurbished IT can deliver the same high-performance as new, often at 40% cost saving and up to a 50% reduction in environmental impact compared to new. Together we can change our approach and make a difference.

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