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Working in partnership for our customers

We have been working with education and public sector customers across the U.K for over 24 years to provide high-quality, high-performance refurbished IT equipment.

We are delighted to announce that we have been accepted onto the KCS Procurement Services framework. Through this partnership we will be sourcing and providing refurbished PCs, laptops, tablets, servers, spare parts and components, networking and storage hardware and other related IT equipment.

Working with the KCS Procurement Services framework

Having been accepted onto the Framework, we can now provide our exceptional refurbished IT services to the thousands of public sector Framework customers throughout the U.K.

As a Framework customer, you have access to the knowledge and expertise of KCS’s procurement services to assist you with your purchasing. With a roster of carefully selected top suppliers and manufacturers across a wide range of industries, you can choose from the best, safe in the knowledge that you are fully protected and compliant.

Providing refurbished IT to KCS Procurement Services customers

Not only does refurbished IT equipment offer a significant cost saving versus new – of up to 40%, but it also means education settings, businesses and organisations can reduce their environmental impact and improve their green credentials.

Each of our refurbished units comes with a 12-month warranty to provide you with complete peace of mind when making the switch from new. Not only can we source refurbished IT equipment to your specific needs, but we can also work with you on the removal of redundant equipment which may result in a reduction in your overall costs. We manage the whole process for you and follow strict protocols to wipe all assets and either resell, recycle, or destroy.

Lease finance options

Purchasing IT equipment can be a big investment, so we work with our customers to offer lease finance options to allow forward planning of expenditure. Our finance partner is Government compliant and adheres to all DfE regulations.

The impact of refurbished IT

Making the switch to refurbished IT comes with a significant opportunity to save crucial funds, which can then be saved, reinvested into other areas, or utilised to purchase more equipment if required. Find out more about the impact of refurbished IT in our case studies.

Inspiration Trust

Inspiration Trust is responsible for IT procurement across all 14 academies in East Anglia. The Trust purchased 200 A-Grade refurbished desktops and laptops from Renewed, realising a saving of £50,000.

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Oldershaw Academy

Budget cuts and a failing IT suite prompted Oldershaw Academy to choose refurbished IT from Renewed. We matched the upgrade specification for the IT suite while also saving £48,000 compared to buying new.

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