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Refurbished IT solution for the Inspiration Trust

The Inspiration Trust comprises 14 academies across East Anglia and is committed to delivering academic excellence for the region’s young people, pairing the highest quality teaching with the widest possible opportunities.

IT procurement for 14 schools

Inspiration Trust is responsible for procurement across all schools, to equip them with the resources and equipment needed to provide the best level of teaching to its students. This includes ICT provisions such as computer systems, servers, laptops and tablets which are vital to how students learn and progress at school. Michael Vaughan, Head of ICT at Inspiration Trust, was tasked with reducing the Trust’s IT infrastructure spend by 40% across all 14 academies.

“Many schools and colleges don’t realise that refurbished IT can be provided with exactly the same spec and model as they’d purchase new from a vendor such as HP or Dell, but at a much lower cost. The machines we supply also come with a 12-month warranty and customer service support.”

Said Bill Champness, Managing Director at Renewed.


Working with The Inspiration Trust to reduce their IT hardware spend

Having conducted an internal audit to develop and define the replacement and upgrade strategy, Michael got in touch to find out how refurbished desktops and laptops could help him achieve his overall spend reduction.

“Based on the age and condition of the PCs across all schools, the estimated replacement cost was £5 million. I reduced the spend by 20% by choosing different technology providers and platforms but the real game-changer, which enabled me to reduce the spend by another 20%, to reach my 40% target, was working with Renewed. They explained the benefits of investing in refurbished computer systems and how our Trust could save a lot of money on our IT infrastructure, without affecting the quality of the systems we provide to our staff and pupils.”

The Trust purchased 200 desktops and laptops from Renewed, paying on average 50% less on each unit. In total, this has saved the Trust a significant £50,000.Refurbished computer systems are an ideal choice for schools, and other educational settings working to extremely tight budgets while trying to provide first-rate technology to enable young people to reach their academic potential.

Why choose refurbished IT?

As well as offering a significant cost saving of up to 50% versus new machines, buying refurbished IT plays an important role in other ways. Many organisations upgrade their IT provision every 36-months, which generates tonnes of e-waste and landfill around the world. By choosing to buy refurbished machines, the lifespan of a desktop, tablet or laptop can be extended making it fit for purpose for up to 10 years.

Sadly, each year millions of units are thrown away without parts being stripped for recycling, meaning valuable copper, silver and gold are lost – putting more strain on the finite resources of these valuable materials. At Renewed, our mission is to educate and help schools, colleges, universities, charities, healthcare providers, businesses – everyone! – to understand the financial and environmental benefits of buying refurbished IT.

“They look and feel brand new, and our staff and pupils have all been raving about them, our investment has already paid off, saving us a huge amount of money as our budgets are increasingly squeezed. We cannot fault the systems, and still can’t believe the like for like comparison between Renewed’s refurbished systems and the brand-new computers.”

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